Repair and Maintenance

Power wheelchair and medical equipment available for low cost! We repair power wheelchairs, bed lifts, hospital beds, walkers, scooters, and more. We are also capable of adding cosmetic or specialty parts to your equipment, including but not limited to Joysticks for amputees, 'Sip-and-puffs', headrests, etc.  

Delivery and Pick-ups

We can haul heavy and cumbersome equipment for little to no cost! Equipment that may be otherwise difficult to haul can be easily moved by our team.

Wheelchair Lending/Leasing

We offer wheelchair lending and leasing for people that may only need it for a short time or cannot afford it otherwise! We are also capable of doing rent-to-own in specialty cases.

Equipment Swap and Trading

Have an old walker that is in decent shape but needs a few repairs? Bring it in to our shop and we will appraise it and be able to give you new equipment for equal or lessor cost. We are also capable of taking equipment to discount the cost of a more expensive item. If you have other equipment that is not medical or mobility related, like a laptop, we may be able to accept it for a trade in specialty cases. Reach out if you have any questions!